Friday, August 13, 2010

Story about a Hitchhiker

Picked up a hitchhiker today. Drove by the harmless old man the first time as I gave into fear and remembered movie formed beliefs of hitchikers carrying guns and carjacking. Then realized I wasn't driving near the prison, I was driving between two villages. The man was walking with a shopping bag with farmer fields in the background. So I prayed to archangel michael for protection and decided to lean on faith, exercising the law of one as I imagined myself walking with resentment another 3 km as cars passed by. Giving into faith and accepting him as one with me I turned around and picked him up and dropped him off in the town I was headed to anyway. He only wanted to go to the store and didn't have a car. Poor guy walked 3 km and had another 3 km to the next town. No one picked him up because they were not aware or they were stuck in their own self or they gave into fear formed by beliefs formed from movies, tv, and childhood. Ask and ye shall receive. It was a subtle test (they almost always are) but it brought me satisfaction that I was loving and was faithful to the Law of One and had faith in the Creator's love and was able to help the other self in the time of need.

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