Friday, August 13, 2010

We are like Trees

Some guidance about 'evolution' and 'ascension'

We are like trees as my friend Alvin once told me and Carla Ruckert's book confirmed. Our roots need nourishment and then we expand.

Now think of chakras- the earth feeds nourisment/energy to the root which feeds to the second sacral chakra of relationships (the stem/leaves) which feeds to the third chakra of will (the flower bud) which feeds the flower of the heart (love) which feeds the throat of expression (the beginning of fruit) which feeds the third eye (the fruit growing) which feeds the unity of the crown (the fruit is ready for harvest from the tree).

Each chakra, each need of each chakra is important. Not one more than the other. Each step of the way is needed for perfection. To get the most fruit from a tree you need big roots, big stems, lots of flowers, and thus lots of healthy fruit. Keep focus on all the chakras. Your basic needs of the body are as important as meditation. The law of the universe is balance. Balance free will, universal love, and unity of all creation and you have just witnessed the Creator within you.

Balance the flow of energy and nourishment throughout each chakra and you will feel the harvest approaching.

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